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Los Padrinos


Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall is located in the City of Downey.

Copyright 2001-2014.

Los Padrinos opened in 1957 as the second oldest juvenile detention facility in Los Angeles County. Children are housed there while awaiting court action or transfer to another probation facility such as juvenile camp, placement or a commitment at the California Youth Authority.

For many years, Los Padrinos earned a reputation as a overcrowded facility with buildings in need of repair. Often, the number of children housed there exceeded the number of beds available. At one point, it had only 56 beds.

However at a estimated cost of 36 million dollars, two new housing unit structures have recently been built. Each new housing unit will accommodate 120 beds for a total bed capacity of 240 beds. Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall is located at 7285 Quill Drive in the City of Downey. Visiting hours at juvenile hall are on Saturdays and Sundays from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 pm.

Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall

7285 Quill Drive

Downey, CA 90242

(562) 940-8681

Visiting hours at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall are:

(1) Saturdays 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

(2) Sundays 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 pm.

(2) Until 7:00 p.m. on the days your child has court.

(Note: Many Los Angeles Juvenile Judges have erroneously advised parents that the L.A. County Probation Department has cancelled visitation at juvenile hall on the days your child has court. Mr. Kita on April 29, 2005, requested the Chief Probation Officer to issue a formal directive. On May 10, 2005 the Probation Department issued After Court Visitation in Juvenile Halls Probation Directive #1434 which states as follows, "Effective immediately, after court visitation will be available at all juvenile halls from the time minors are returned from court until 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Visits may last up to one hour.")

Visiting Rules at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall

Los Padrinos Juvenile hall only allows parents or legal guardians to visit. Visitation is on Saturdays and Sundays from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

On the day your child has court, the Los Angeles County Probation Department authorizes parents to visits their child at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall from the time children are returned from court until 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday for up to one hour.

Dress Code

There is a dress code. Visitors cannot transparent (see-through outfits.) Tight fitting clothes for women is not allowed. No short skirts or dresses (higher than mid thigh), no halter tops, low cut tops or clothes with gang words or signs. Also no clothing that exposes the mid section of the stomach.

No White T-shirts as outer wear. No sandals or slippers. Shoes is required at all times. Shoes may not have heels higher than two inches.

Among the many reasons for the appropriate dress code at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall is to maintain order, respect and the fact that the actual visits occur at a place of worship in the Chappel.

Items Not Allowed During Visitation

The following items are prohibited , and will result in either no visitation or termination of a visit:

Pens, pencils, markers, paperclips, scissors, rulers, tweezers, pointers, lazer pointers, money wallets, backpacks or fanny packs, purses, cellular phones or pagers, cameras, radios, electronic devices, pocket knives or box cutters, cigarettes or pipes, lighters or matches, alcoholic beverages, chewing gum, unauthorized and/or illegal drugs, mouthwash, toothpaste or toothbrushes, glass or metal containers, firearms or any item build for the purpose of propelling an object, ammunition, OC spray, handcuffs, handcuff keys, or any object that can be used as a weapon.

Orthopedic Shoes

If your child requires orthopedic shoes, they can only be accepted if the medical green slip or Court Order is current and presented with the shoes. These type of shoes are to be left at the entrance of the facility for verifications. Parents, guardians, or grandparents are not allowed to take such shoes into the facility. Once verifiction is made, the shoes will be sent to your child's unit or dorm. If the shoes are unathorized, the shoes shall be placed in your child's personal property.

Verification shall not take place until after visiting is concluded.

A signed and dated receipt shall be issued to the parents at the time the orthopedic shoes are received from the parent that the County of Los Angeles is not responsiblel for lost shoes.

Vapor Tracer Units

According to a memo issued by the Detention Services Bureau dated November 27, 2007, all persons and items entering Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall are subject to search. The probation department may uitlize vapor tracer units, and narcotic detection canines to search for controlled substances. Those entering through a metal detector shall be subject to a wand search if the metal detector buzzes.

Curtailed or Postponed Visits

Visits may be curtailed or postponed based on safety and security of Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall. This decision shall be made by a Probation Director only.

Government Issued Picture Identification is Required.

In order to enter Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall, all visitors must bring a current government issued picture identification card. Acceptable forms of identification include: valid drivers license with photo, valid state identification card, Passport with photo, Military identifcation card with photo, photo identification issued by INS, Certificado de Matricula Consular identification cards, (honored for only 60 days from the date of issuance.) The Officer of the Day , Acting Director, or a Director can approve questionable identifcations. Photocopied, non-picture, altered, laminated or expired identifcations will not be accepted.

Persons Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol Will Be Denied Entry

Visitors suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or a drugs shall be denied entrance.

Restriction on Bringing No More than Two Keys

Visitors may only bring two keys on a key ring with no attachments, and their identification into Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall. Keys must remain in the visitors's pocket or on their lap during visits and may not be placed on the table or in the minor's hands.

Extensive Tattooing On Neck or Face

Visitors with extensive tattooing that cannot be covered with clothing (on face or neck) shall be escorted to an appropriate location for visiting.

Visitors with Disabilities

Visitors with disabilities who have wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, or other medically necessary equipment shall be escorted to an appropriate location for visiting.

No Child Care

Please note that there are no provisions for childcare at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall and children may not be left unattended.

No Wandering or Walking About

Visitors are not allowed to walk about during the visit. If you leave the visiting area, your visit may be terminated.

Special Visits at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall

Brothers, sisters and other family members who are under the age of 21 are not allowed unless authorized by a Court Order or the child's Deputy Probation Officer. If approved, they may only visit one time.

Family Resource Center

Parents, guardians and grandparents are encouraged to visit the Family Resource Center which is located at each Juvenile Hall. The Family Resource Center provides a parenting workshop every Sunday morning from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at each Juvenile Hall. It offers free informative brochures and booklets on family topics. The goal of the Family Resource Center is to connect mnors who are being released from Juvenile Hall with the resources that will assist them in successfully transitioning back into their communities and lead healthy productive lives.

Clergy Visits at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall

All Clergy visits must be approved by calling:

(818) 367-8938 (24 hour Exchange)

Catholic Church Service


Mass 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

Bible Study 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Protestant Church Service


Sunday School 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

Religious Service 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Sister Doherty who is 79 years old in 2014, is the Catholic Chaplain at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall. She leads a team of 120 volunteers who catechize and evangelize the many children detained at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall which houses some 500 youth.

Volunteers also assist at the Sunday 8 a.m. liturgies which are attended by some 200 children and lead a one-hour Bible study immediately following Mass at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall.

To volunteer, contact Sister Teresa Doherty, at (562) 940-8711.


Limitation on amount of Paper & Envelopes
your child is allowed to possess at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall

Your child is only allowed 25 sheets of white or yellow paper, and 10 envelopes only. Los Padrinos Juvenile all staff will provide a pencil and put stamps on the mail.

Limitation on number of photographs your child is allowed to possess
at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall

Often times, parents, family members and others will send photographs to your child while he or she is at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall. Your child is not allowed more than five photos or pictures. The pictures should not show naked women, sex, drugs, weapons or gangs. They must be mailed and cannot be brought during visits.

Limitation on Religious items your child is allowed to possess at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall

No hard cover Bibles. Soft cover Bibles only.

Only one small plastic cross (white or black)

One religious picture.


Limitation on clothes your child is allowed to possess at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall

While at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall, your child is only allowed one t-shirt and sweatshirt, and one pair of underwear, pants, and socks. Any extra clothing will be taken away. Your child may get in trouble if he or she has extra clothes. Children generally wear white t-shirts and blue longpants during the summer. During the winter they wear gray long sleeve sweatshirts and blue long pants. They are also provided black canvas low cut converse shoes. The clothing is provided by Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall.

Glasses and contact lenses at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall

Your child may wear glasses or contact lenses and have a contact lens cleaner. You child must sign a paper acknowleging that Los Padrinos is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Telephone use at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall

1. Your child is entitled to reasonable access to a telephone while he or she is at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall. (Chief Probation Officer Robert Taylor on May 1, 2008 recently issued "Telephone Calls In Juvenile Halls & Camp" Directive 1166 which states that minors shall receive one free telephone call per week except when safety and security are a concern. These calls are monitored by staff.)

2. Your child is not entitled to call another Hall, a victim or witness.

3. There is no right to privacy at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall when using the telephone except when the child is calling his or her lawyer.

4. The Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall staff will allow your child to use a County line to call his or her Deputy Probation Officer or lawyer.

Daily Schedule at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall

Monday thru Friday

6:15 a.m. Wake up

7:00 a.m. Clean up

8:30 a.m. School

11:50 a.m. Return from School

12:00 p.m. Lunch/Nurse's Clinic

1:00 School

2:40 p.m. Return from School

3:30 p.m. Recreation

5:00 p.m. Dinner

7:00 p.m. Homework

7:30 p.m. Nutritional Snack

7:45 p.m Showers

8:30 p.m. Reading time

9:00 p.m. Lights out

Saturday and Sunday Schedule at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall

7:00 a.m. Wake up

8:00 a.m. Breakfast, clean up

9:00 a.m. Church/ Recreation

12:00 p.m. Lunch/ Nurses's Clinic

1:00 pm. Reading time/ Visiting

2:30 p.m. Recreation/ Visiting

5:00 p.m. Dinner

6:00 p.m. Recreation/ Day room

7:30 pm. Nutritional Snack

7:45 p.m. Showers

8:30 p.m Reading time

9:00 p.m. Lights out


Special Handlng Unit (SHU) at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall

You may have heard from your child or other minors at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall that if you get into trouble you will be going to the "Shoe." Most people have a confused look when they thought they heard something like a shoe.

The "SHU" stands for Special Handing Unit. If your child violates any of the Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall rules, including but not limited to failure to follow staff direction, disruptive behavior, assaulting other minors, vandalism or other violations, he or she may be sent to the Special Handling Unit (SHU) at the Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall. He or she can be kept in the SHU until he or she is ready to return to his or her unit.


Prior Problems at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall

After receiving numerous complaints by children, lawyers, and community leaders, the United States Attorney Generals Office initiated an investigation at all Juvenile Halls in Los Angeles County including Los Padrinos, Central and Sylmar Juvenile Halls. A special prosecutor and a team of experts assigned to the case visited Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall in 2001 and found the facility "violated the constitutional and federal statutory rights of the youth residents."

Prior Excessive use of pepper spray at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall

The Department of Justice found that Juvenile Hall staff had been using Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) spray "excessively," and in situations where "such use of force were not necessary." This includes spraying handcuffed children, children with asthma, pregrant girls, suicidal children and children with special mental health needs.

Previously Mental Health needs were not met at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall

The Department of Justice found that many of the children who had mental health issues did not get help for those issues while in custody at juvenile hall.

Understaffing at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall /

Probation officers fail to show up to work

One thousand Los Angeles County Probation Officers failed to show up to work on September 27, 2005 to protest what they contend are dangerous working conditions and inadequate staffing at Los Angeles County Juvenile Halls and Camps. The Los Angeles County Probation Officers Union has sued the county alleging that the county's failure to meet minimum stated mandated staffing ratios has led to higher assaults at these juvenile detention facilities.

The United States Department of Justice, in a monitoring report dated October 4, 2005 confirmed that many of the problems at the Juvenile Halls in Los Angeles County are attributed to understaffing.

The National Juvenile Detention Association recommends a staffing ratio of one staff to every eight minors during day hours. The State of California mandates of minimum-staffing ratio of one staff member for every ten minors. Yet federal monitors found the staffing ratios to be one staff to sixteen minors at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall.

Violence soared in 2005 at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall

Of the three juvenile hall facilities in Los Angeles County, Los Padrinos reported the highest increase of youth on youth violence. Los Padrinos Juvenile hall reported 441 violent attacks for the first six months of 2005 as compared to 290 incidents during the same time period in 2004.

July 1, 2008 Suicide attempt at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall

Leads to Death of Boy

On July 1, 2008, a 16 year old Long Beach boy who hanged himself with bedsheets at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall was eventually pronounced dead after being in critical condition for six days.

The child was pronounced dead at 4:34 a.m. on Monday July 7, 2008.

The LA County Probation department reported that the child was in the Infirmary at Los Padrinos and was discovered by probation staff during a bed check. He was rushed to Downey Regional Medical Center and placed on a ventilator where he was placed on critical condition.

The probation department noted this is the first time in more than 20 years this has happend. It is unclear whether the minor had any mental health issues prior to entering Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall.All children are given a mental health screening prior to their admission to Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall. The child was not considered high risk for depression during his intake at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall.

October 31, 2012 - Los Angeles Jury convicts LA County Probation Officer for beating up 13 year old child in custody at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall

On October 31, 2012, a jury convicted D'Wayne Jordan (dob 9/28/54) of four felony counts alleging that he beat up a 13 year boy being detained at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall in 2009. The Jury convicted him of assault by a public officer, corporal injury to a child, assault with a deadly weapon and willful cruelty to a child likely to cause great bodily injury. He faced up to six years in state prison. On November 30, 2012 Judge John Fisher sentenced the probation officer to four years in state prison.

According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, the probation officer allegedly kneed the 13 year old in the face and pushed his face into the floor. The child who was five-feet five inches tall and weighed 130 pounds suffered a cut and bruising to his face and broke a front tooth. The case number is BA382821. The case was prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Natalie Adomian of the Justice System Integrity Division. The probation officer was fired from the probation department.

The majority of probation officers that work at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall are hardworking and dedicated employees and are disappointed with the incident.

May 16, 2014 - Juvenile Hall Probation Officer arrested for alleged Workers Compensation Fraud.

On May 16, 2014, Robyn Palmer was arrested on 14 felony counts of insurance fraud, forgery, wire fraud and grand theft. She filed a claim and received disabilty insurance benefits for a shoulder injury she said occurred in July 2013 while restraining a minor in juvenile hall. Because there was no employee record of a work related injury, an investigation ensued. She is currently in custody at the Lynwood jail with bail set at $100,000.00. She received $29,122.00 in workers comp payments. Her booking number is #3972463 Her case number is BA42471301

Department of Justice Quarterly Settlement Agreement

Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall Successful with Settlement Agreement Conditions

Final Quarterly Compliance Progress Report

(Period May 1, 2009 to August 23, 2009)

As part of the 2003 Department of Justice Investigation of Los Padrinos Juvenile hall, the County of Los Angeles agreed to take corrective action as part of a Justice Settlement Agreement.

In August 2007, the Settlement Agreement was extended for additional 27 months. In the extended agreement, LACOE's Special Education Provision #46 was separated into five separate sections. The addition of four LACOE provisions raised the total number of provisions subject to the settlement agreement from 52 to 56.

During the current reporting period, the following six remaining paragraphs were granted full compliance for the one year monitoring requirement, bringing the total number of paragraphs in full compliance to 56 of the 56 paragraphs:

These include Staffing, Use of Force, Use of Force Review, Screening for Special Education, Individual Education Programs, Transition Planning and services. The start date of the monitoring for LA County Juvenile Halls began between July 2008 and August 2008.

Therefore, Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall has successfully complied with the Department of Justice Settlement Agreement.

Los Padrinos Successfully Passess Audit on January 6, 2011 Audit by the State of California, Department of Corrections, Facilities and Standards Operations Division

During the Corrections Standards Authority 2006 - 2008 biennial inspection of Los Angeles County Probation Department, all Los Angeles County Juvenile Halls were found in violation of Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations due to chronically overcroweded conditions.

Los Padrinos has a rated occupancy of 604. On January 6, 2011 an audit was done by the Corrections Standards Authority by Toni Gardner, field representative. The inspection found that on January 6, 2011 Los Padrinos had 358 minors in custody, below the maximum occupancy rate of 604. It also found the units were clean and well kept in spite of the age of the facility. It found the staff ratio and populaiton ratio to be in compliance of Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations.


Incident Free Days Program contributes to drop in violence

at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall

Los Padrinos saw a 19% decrease in fights and a 39% decrease in Safe Crisis Management (formerly called Use of Force - Restraints) incidents for the first six months of 2007 as compared to the first six months of 2006. Thru donations, Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall has implemented the Incident Free Days program which provides incentives for children to display positive behavior. Units are rewarded with Candy Bars for 7 days with no incidents; Ice Cream for 14 days with no incidents; Movie Nights (complete with popcorn, drinks and a movie) for 21 days with no incidents and a Barbeque for a full month with no incidents. Of the three juvenile halls in Los Angeles County, Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall is one of the better run facilities. If you want to make a donation, please call Deputy Probation Officer and Program Coordinator Michelle Lucero at (562) 940-8772.

Foundation makes donation to Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall Library

Young Nak Outreach & Transformation Foundation had made a donation of $20,500.00 in the form of services, supplies, and labor. On December 15, 2009, the probation department has requested the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to allow acceptance of the gift.

New Neuropsychological Screening Process at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall,

Central Juvenile Hall, & Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall (updated 6/23/07)

There is currently a new screening process that is being piloted at the three juvenile halls. They have a staff of neuropsychologists providing neuropsychological screening of the children. This screening will provide information relative to the neuropsychological reasons for the negative behavior by the minors. It is anticipated that the information obtained from this screening will translate into the implementation of diagnostic services for the youth detained in juvenile halls and camps. If funded in the future, this will provide not only screening and treatment for our children, but increased training for probation staff in dealing with those with mental health and delinquency issues.

Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall to contract with Apple One to provide Clerical work

The Los Angeles County Board of Superivisors have given the Juvenile Probation Department approval to use Apple One to provide clerical services at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall in place of permanent Juvenile Probation staff at an annual cost not to exceed $503,517.00. It is estimated to save the county $172,750.00 per year. All Probation Clerical Staff as of September 15, 2008 will be reassigned to other parts of the probation department.

Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall to use drug-sniffing dogs starting March 2009

The County of Los Angeles has given approval to spend $100,000 to hire the services of Interquest Detection Canines for a one year contract to search Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall, Central Juvenile Hall and Sylmar Juvenile as well as the 19 juvenile probation camps thru out the County of Los Angeles.

Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall Staff members get pink slips, last day of employment September 30, 2011

Despite the fact that the Probation Department will need to hire more employees to supervise prison parolees as a part of Governor Jerry Brown's plan to send 9000 convicted felons to Los Angeles as early as October 1, 2011, the Los Angeles County Probation department will lay off employees from Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall.

Approximately 164 employees from Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall, Central Juvenile Hall and Sylmar Juvenile Hall collectively were given lay off notices on September 12, 2011. This figure includes 148 Detention Services Officers and 16 Group Supervisors. A lay off notice was mitigated for one Detention Services Officer who will be hired as a Medical Case Worker II at the Mental Health Department effective September 26, 2011. The Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department has agreed to consider hiring all laid off employees for the position for Custody Assistants. As a result of overcrowding in California State prisons, the California State Legislature passed AB 109 and AB 117 which will put as many as 9,000 convicted felonys under the supervision of the Los Angeles County Probation Department during the first year and 15,000 or more convicted felons during the second year of the program. The Los Angeles County Probation is currently hiring for the position of Probation Officer II if you meet the hiring criteria.

Chief Probation Officer Donald Blevins Resigns October 2011

Jerry Powers assumes command of probation department

Los Angeles County Chief Probation Officer Donald Blevins has resigned. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors are currently interviewing prospective candidates for the position. Blevins is a former Chief Probaiton Officer from Alameda County. Blevins started his career as a deputy probation officer in San Diego in 1976 and rose thru the ranks, becoming Director of Adult Services. He became Chief Probaiton Officer in Alameda County in 2003 where he worked until joining the Los Angeles County Probation Department in April 2010 earning a salary of $227,000.00 per year.

Three months ago, in July 2011, the Los Angeles County Probation Officers Union AFSCME Local 685; the Supervising Deputy Probation Officers Union, SEIU Local 721 and the Probation Managers Association, AFSCME Local 1967 have all taken a vote of "No Confidence" in his leadership. The votes reportedly represent more than 95% of the probation employees.

The criticism stems in part of his support to eliminate staff from the three juvenile halls in Los Angeles County, namely Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall in Downey, Central Juvenile Hall in Los Angeles and Barry J. Nidof Juvenile Hall in Sylmar.  The local 685 also took issue with his handling of the prison realignment issues where the LA Sheriff almost took over responsibility of supervising parolees instead of the probation department. Finally the probation officers union contend that Blevins failed to get the probation department to correct all 41 reform areas requested by the U.S. Department of Justice concerning Los Angeles County Juvenile Camps. Failure to comply by October 31, 2011 with all federal mandates could result in a receivership according to union officials. According to Blevins, the department will not be able to correct all 41 reforms areas by October 31, 2011 and an extension to comply is going to be requested. Three of five of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors reportedly also supported a change in leadership at the LA County Probation department.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors hired Jerry Powers, the Chief Probation Officer of Stanilus County.

Established in 1903, the Los Angeles County Probation Department is one of the largest probation departments in the United States. It has an annual budget of $692 million and has more than 6,100 employees.

Probation Department Detention Services Bureau

Elizabeth Garcia, Bureau Chief

Elizabeth Garcia has been promoted on April 1, 2009 to the position of Bureau Chief of the Detention Services Bureau. She formerly was the Superintendent of Central Juvenile Hall. She is not stationed at Los Padrinos Hall but rather at the Probation Headquarters on Imperial Highway. She takes over the position formerly held by Mr. Dennis Carroll. Her duties including supervising all detention locations including all Juvenile Halls and all Los Angeles Probation Camps.

Ms. Garcia does a lot of volunteer work in the community as well. She is very active with the National Latino Peace Officers Association San Gabriel Valley Chapter. She is in charge of the Annual ALBERT RIVERA Menudo Run 5k/10k Run/Fun Walk to be held on August 25, 2012. The proceeds are used to help fund college scholarships. Contact Jonathan Garcia at 909 815 1360 for more information about the race.

Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall Administration

Marvin McWhorter, Superintendent

Marvin McWhorter is the Superintendent at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall. He previously served as assistant superintendent to Tom Roque who retired in 2012. Mr. McWhorter's secretary is Karen Simmons.

McWhorter previously served as Division II Director at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall. He previously was the Liason concerning Use of Force, Mental Health, Religious Services, Gender Specific, Hearing Impaired, Investigations, and Operation Read.

Mr. McWhorter currently supervises movement and control, the Medical Unit, Unit C/D, and Unit J. He supervises morning officer of day Carolyn Davis, Marshall Stewart and the night officer of the day Janice Carter, the Unit C/D supervisor Marshall Stewart, Medical Unit Carolyn Davis, Unit J Supervisor Erroll Collins.

Mr. McWhorter previously oversaw the following housing units at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall while serving as director: Housing Unit J/K supervised by SDSO E. Collins, Girls SHU run by SDSO E. Collins, Unit X run by SDSO L. Fernandez, and Unit Y run by SDSO J. Peinado.

His previous experience as Division II Director gave Mr. McWhorter the experience to deal with high profile issues. His prior position at Division II Director required him to work with officials from the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division who have been previously monitoring Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall for prior civil rights violations concerns. Mr.McWhorter took over that position from Jeff Probasco who was relocated to Central Juvenile Hall as a Director. Mr. McWhorter's adminstrative assistant is Marina Robles.

James Phelps , Director Division II

Mr. Phelps is the Division 2 Director. His assistant is Tonja Herera. Mr. Phelps supervises Unit E/F, T/U, R1 and R2 and Unit X1 and X2. The following employees report to Mr. Phelps, Unit E/F Supervisor Dennis Adams, Unit T/U Supervisor Daryll Ellis, Unit R1 -R2 Supervisor Roderick Cotton, and Unit X1- X2 Supervisor Eric Nevarez. Mr. Phelps is the liasons to Medical, E/S, PE's, AP's, and the Inside/Out Writers Program.

Lydia Fernandez , Director Division III

Ms. Fernandez is the Division 3 Director. Her assistant is Javania Jones. Ms. Fernandez Supervises Unit W, Boys Special Handing Unit, Girls Special Handing Unit, Unit B, Unit N/O. The following supervisors work under her: Sandra Green who is Unit W Supervisor, GSHU Supervisor and Unit N/O Supervisor. John Atkinson BSHU supervisor. Ms. Fernandez is the liason to IDC & Courts, and Attendance.

Michael Clemons, Director Division IV

The following persons work under him, Unit L/M supervisor George Mayhorn, unit S1 and Unit S2 spervisor Jesus Peinado and Unit Y supervisor Louis Martin. Mr. Clemons is the liason for Religious Issues.

Jack Sims, Director DOJ Compliance

Mr. Sims oversees A. Garibaldi, DOJ/Audit Q & A and SRDSO Leslie Harris, DOJ Support. A critical position, Mr. Sims helps compile reports for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, the Chief Probation Officer Jerry Powers, and the U.S. Department of Justice. He helps compile status reports concerning compliance with a DOJ Quarterly settlement agreement. He took over this position from Carol Williams who held this position for many years. Mr. Sims is the liason for the Hearing Impaired, and IBMP.

Juan Peinado, Director Division VII

Mr. Peinado oversees LydIa Martinez, Office Manager, Sandra Cardoza purchasing, Araceli Ayon A.M. STC, Claudia Duenes, Payroll/Personnel, Ceronica Carvajal, worker order desk.

Kathy Callender, Mental Health Director

Kathy Callender is the Mental Health Director at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall. Her assistant is Hilda Guzman.

Roseanna Espinoza, Nurse Manager

Roseanna Espinoza is the nurse manager at Los Padrinos Juvneile Hall.

Lead Superintendent Cheryl Cooke retires after 33 years

Ms. Cooke, who is well respected by staff and the children housed at Juvenile Hall has recently retired after having served 33 years with the Los Angeles County Probation Department. Her retirement became effective May 2011.

She is credited with making significant reforms for the Los Angeles Juvenile Probation Department. She inherited a department with many challenges. During her tenure she had two major accomplishments. She dramatically reduced youth on youth violence and she increased staff morale and work attendance at the juvenile hall.

She turned Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall around from an institution that had the highest rate of violence to making it among the safest juvenile halls in Los Angeles County.

She was the first Superintendent to recognize hundreds of employees during staff appreciation day and during their holiday party. She is also credited with continuing and elevating the Incident Free Days program that was initiated and founded by Dennis Caroll. This program helped significantly reduce youth on youth violence within the Juvenile Hall. Ms. Cooke served as lead superintendent in charge of all three juvenile halls in Los Angeles County. She started as a clerk and worked her way up the ranks. On April 1, 2009, she also took on the duties of Senior Manager of the Transportation Division.

Clearly she was the most successful juvenile hall superintendent to work for the Los Angeles County Probation Department. We congratulate Ms. Cooke for her devoted 33 years of employment and her successful leadership at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall. Despite her recent retirement, she and her husband continue to help children in the community. They donate their time and money to help supply hundreds of backpacks and school supplies to needy children. Ms. Cooke recently returned to Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall in December 2012 as an invited guest for the annual holiday party at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall. She helped draw the raffle prizes for probation employees.

Frank Sandoval wins December 2013 raffle for best attendance

Sandoval is a four year employee of the Los Angeles County Probation Department. Mr. Sandoval won a 32 inch Samsung television. The prize and raffles were sponsored by Attorney George Kita. The idea of a grand prize for best attendance was the idea of former Superintendent Cheryl Cooke.

Los Padrinos PAU School

Each month, Los Padrinos PAU school hosts a meeting for parents concerning your childs educational progress and about credits earned and graduation requirements. Also participating is Los Padrinos Staff, Probation and those who work in Mental Health. The meetings generally take place in the Chapel at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall. Contact the Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall School Psychologist Estela Cornelius or Dr. LIen Truong, Assistant Principal at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall at (562) 803-6648 for more information.

Los Padrinos PAU School Credits:

Students earn 1 unit for every 16 days the student attends class. There are three semesters in a year. Students who are 17 years of age, behind in credits but showing acadmic promise may apply to take the GED while in custody at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall. The GED is offered monthly.

Los Padrinos PAU School Administration and Teaching Staff

Rochelle James , Los Padrinos PAU School Principal

Deirde Parker, Secretary to Principal Cureton

Donna Russell, Assistant School Principal

Dr. Lien Truong, Los Padrinos PAU Assistant School Principal

Al Hunter, Assistant School Principal

Peter Bach, Los Padrinos School counselor

Michael Baird, Senior Program Specialist

Sandra Bradley, Los Padrinos School counselor

Kim Durley, School Teacher

Jimmie Theragood, Los Padrinos School Teacher

Naomi Haynes, School counselor

Germaine Navarro-Garcia, Senior School Clerk

Ray Pinkey, Los Padrinos Senior School Clerk

Kiara Ramirez, Senior School Clerk

Sandra Teora, School Counselor

School Transcripts from Los Padrinos PAU School

To get transcripts send information to Los Angeles County Office of Education, Student File Center, 9530 Imperial Highway, Suite 0, Downey, CA 90242. Information to send: (1) Name, (2) Date of Birth, (3) AKA, (4) Your phone number (5) Address or fax where transcripts are to be sent.

Los Padrinos School Liason

Rochelle Walker Musah is the School Court Liason at Los Padrinos Juvenile Court. She is located at the Los Padrinos Juvenile Court.

Los Padrinos Union Reps (Local 685)

Sharrieff Myers and Herbert Smith are the union reps for Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall. They represent the LA County Probation Officers Union Local 685. Sherry Brown is the union representative for all the juvenile court officers. The Union has played a critical role in defending the budget for Probation and Camps from Governors budget cuts. We applaud Union Local 685 for their representation of Los Angeles County Probation workers.

Los Padrinos Juvenile Court

Los Padrinos Juvenile Court is located adjacent to Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall. It only has three court rooms that handle busy court room calenders. Department 250 is staffed by a Los Padrinos Juvenile Court Referee, Department 251 is staffed by a Los Padrinos Juvenile Court Judge and Department 252 is staffed by the Los Padrinos presiding Judge. The hours of operation at Los Padrinos Juvenile Court are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday.

Those entering Los Padrinos Juvenile Court are required to follow a dress code. No sunglasses,bandanas, tanks tops, hats or caps. No smoking or chewing tobacco. Wearing of any "gang" symbols or logos or gang attire as determined by Security and Sheriffs Personnel. No untucked shirts. No hair nets allowed. This is pursuant to a court order signed by the presiding judge on August 29, 2001.

New Filing Procedures at Los Padrinos Juvenile Court Effective April 1, 2013 for nondetained filings

and Effective May 1, 2013 for detained filings.

All arrests occuring within the city of Lakewood and Hawaiian Gardens will no longer be filed at Los Padrinos Juvenile Court. Effective April 1, 2013 for nondetained filings and May 1, 2013 for detained filings, those cases are now to be filed at Long Beach Juvenile Court. These are generally cases involving the LASD Lakewood Sheriffs, and Hawaiian Gardens.

All arrests occuring within the city of Huntington Park will no longer be filed at at David V. Kenyon Juvenile Justice Court (JJC) due to the recent court closure. All Huntington Park Police cases will now be filed at Los Padrinos Juvenile Court.

Los Padrinos Juvenile Court Judges

Judge Phillip Mautino, Site Judge, Department 252. Judge Mautino graduated with an A.A. degree from Santa Monica College in 1959, a Bachelor of Science Degree from UCLA in 1962 and an M.B.A. from UCLA in 1963. He graduated from USC Law School in 1966 and from the California Judges College in 1993. He was appointed to the Los Cerritos Municipal Court in 1993 by Governor Pete Wilson and was elevated to the Los Angeles County Superior Court thru Unification in 2000. Prior to becoming a Judge, he was a partner with Miller & Mautino from 1967 - 1981 and started his own law firm the Law Offices Of Philllip Mautino from 1982 - 1993. Judge Mautino is credited with raising money and organizing volunteers to paint many of the colorful murals at Los Padrinos Juvenile Court. He became the Supervising Judge at Los Padrinos Juvenile Court in 2001. He is 74 years old in 2014. He is a registered Republican and is married to his wife Barbara.

Judge Fumiko Hachiya Wasserman, Department 251. She is a graduate of UCLA and Loyola Law School where she served on the Law Review and Dean's List. She has taught introductory appellate advocacy as a adjunct professor at Loyola. Her previous work experience has been as a former Federal Prosecutor at the United States Attorney's Office where she served as Assistant United States Attorney. She was also a clerk to Chief Judge Terry Hatter Jr. and an associate with Adams, Dugue, & Hazeltine, and was a Los Angeles Deputy City Attorney. She previously also served on the faculty for the National Judical College, the California Judicial College and the California Continuing Judicial Studies Program. She has received numerous recognition and awards including the Joan Dempsey Klein Distinguished Jurist Award for the year 2002. Prior to becoming a judge, she was elected to the Torrance Unified School District Board of Education and served as President of the Board of Trustees.

Judge Kevin LaMont Brown, Department 250. Judge Brown received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Hampton University and his Law School from the University of California. He was admitted to the bar in 1990 and previously served as a judge out of the Compton Courthouse.

Notable Past Los Padrinos Juvenile Court Employees

Commissioner Gary Polinsky, Department 251. Commissioner Polinsky graduated from UC Berkeley in 1962 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1962 and from the presitigious UC Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco in 1965. He worked as a Deputy Public Defender from 1966 - 1969, as a partner with Reichman & Polinsky from 1969 - 1972, and as a sole practitioner from 1972 - 1982. He served as a Juvenile Court referee from 1982 - 1983 and was elevated to Superior Court Commissioner from 1983 to the present. He is 74 years old in 2014. He is a registered Democrat and is married to his wife Nita. He was transferred from Sylmar Juvenile Court to Los Padrinos in 2005. Polinsky retired in December 2007 after serving a distinguished career in Juvenile Court helping transform the lives of thousands of children. Commissioner Benjamin Campos, Commissioner Campos graduated from Pitzer College in Claremont, California. He graduated from UCLA School of Law in 1980. Commissioner Campos is currently assigned to Eastlake Juvenile Court. Judge Gary Tanaka, Department 251. Prior to his appointment by Governor Schwarzenneger in 2009, Judge Tanaka was a deputy county counsel then senior deputy county counsel for the Los Angeles Office of the County Counsel since 2006. He previously was a Los Angeles County Alternate Public Defender from 2001 to 2006 and a deputy public defender in LA from 2000 to 2001. From 1991 to 2000, he was an associate for Astor & Phillips. He earned his law degree from Western State University College of Law and a Bachelor of Science degree from Western State University. Tanaka is a registered Republican. Judge Tanaka is currently assigned to adult court at the Compton Superior Court. Referee Shirley Heidi, Department 250. She graduated from Radcliffe College in Massachusetts in 1960. She spent two years in Germany as a Fulbright Scholar and received her master's degreee from UC Berkeley in both Russian and German History. She attended Loyola Law School and graduated maga cum laude in 1979. She was admitted to the bar in 1979. Her first job was working at the law firm of Rifkind & Sterling, an estate planing firm in Beverly HIlls from 1979 to 1981. She was a sole practitioner from 1981 to 1997 and became a family law research attorney for the Los angeles County Superior Court. From 2001 to 2008 she was a as needed juvenile court referee, often filling in when judges were out ill or on vacation. From 2008 to 2013 she served as a full time referee. She is 74 years of age in 2014. Jim Hickey former Deputy in Charge of the Los Angeles County DA's Office Juvenile Division at Los Padrinos. Hickey had an open door policy allowing public defenders and private counsel the opportunity to discuss case dispositions. Joanne Baeza was a filing DA at Inglewood Juvenile and Los Padrinos and was elevated to Deputy in Charge at the at the Long Beach Juvenile Court. As a Deputy in Charge, Ms. Baeza helped resolve many cases with her open door policy meeting both Public Defenders and private counsel to resolve cases. Deputy Sheriff Bob Meredith served for many years as a court bailiff. He is credited with implementing the speaker program at Los Padrinos Juvenile Court, allowing probation officers, defense attorneys, district attorneys and judges the opportunity to motiviate youth.


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