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Juvenile Training Institutions

Northern California Youth Center,  Stockton, CA  Includes four institutions


O. H. Close School, P.O. Box , Stockton, 944-0501 Institution for 504 males. Programs for young offenders.


Karl Holton Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment Center, Box 21 '5002, Stockton 95213-9002, (209) 944-6551 . Institution for 484 males risk substance abusing male offenders


DeWitt Nelson Training Center, P.0. Box 215005, Stockton 9521  (200) 044-0115 Institution for 020 males. Includes extensive job training program and youth conservation camp within institution.


N. A. Chaderian School, P.O. Box 213014, Stockton, California 95215 (209) 944-6400. Institution for males between the ages of 18 and 25. The program encourages individuality, personal responsibility, independence, and mutual respect.


Preston School of Industry, 1201 Wawrinan Road, Lone 95040, 274-4771 . Institution for 988 males. Includes intensive treatment, special counseling, and pre-camp programs. It also has LEAD (Leadership, Esteem, Ability, Discipline), the nations first ´┐Żboot camp" type Juvenile correctional program, which delivers treatment, education and training through the militarv model.


El Paso de Robles School, Airport Road (P.0 Box 7008), Paso Robles 95447-7008, (805) 258-4040. Institution lot 950 males. Includes a vouth conservation camp within the institution.


Ventura School, Wright Ct. Camarillo 95010 (805) 485­-7951. Co-educational Institution for 750 males and 275 females. Includes reception center and clinic, college program, Free Venture employment programs, and intensive treatment for females


Fred C. Nelles School,  E Whittier Blvd , Whittier 90601 (510) 698-0781.  Institution for males. Includes academic education sex offender program, and employability skills training. Due to budget cuts, this facility has been closed.


Herman G. Stark Youth Training School, 151 So. Euclid Ave., Chino, 91710.  (909) 800-5000. Institution for 1,870 males. Includes special counseling, pre-camp, extensive vocational, and job training.


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