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19480 Rose Canyon Road

Trabuco Canyon, California, 92678

Joplin Phone number (949) 635-2600

Joplin Youth Center Staff

Director Joseph Salcido

Assistant Director Kimo Igarta

Office Supervisor Erica Lopez-Salazar

The Joplin Youth Center was established in 1956 after Andrew B. Joplin donated 320 acres to Orange County specifying that the land be used as a county facility for wayward boys. The property is located in the Santa Ana Mountains.

It only houses teenage boys between the ages of 13 thru 17. Juveniles committed to the Joplin Youth Center generally have to serve time from 30 to 120 days.

Juveniles assist in maintaining the site and providing services by cooking and cleaning in the kitchen, doing laundry, folding clothes, and other clean up work.

Off-site, Joplin minors perform graffiti removal, assisting in a physical therapy program for severely handicapped children at a local elementary school thru a program called Operation Move.

In addition juveniles are responsible for maintaining a portion of Santiago Canyon Road by clearing brush and keeping the roadways clean.

The school day at Joplin consists of five classes for 275 minutes of total classroom instruction. Juveniles also receive job training, tutoring, and learn basic computer skills.

Counseling is also provided for boys who have substance abuse issues involving marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, and alcohol issues. Juvenile participate in Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous on a weekly and bi-weekly schedule.

Many of the youths at Joplin Youth Center are gang members. The facility has had gang members from 35 different gangs at any given time at JYC.

When a child arrives at JYC, he is given a green shirt to show the child has only been there for less than 30 days. If the child is doing well after 30 days, the child is given a burgundy shirt color to wear which entitles the youth to additional privileges which include the possibility of participating in field trips. Continued progress allows the youth to wear light or dark colored blue shirts which allows furloughs as wells as privileges to play games in the recreation rooms. A youth not in compliance of the program have to wear a bright yellow shirt which shows the minor is not allowed any priveleges.



If your child is facing a commitment to Joplin Youth Center, contact our juvenile defense lawyers for a free consultation. You may contact him for a free consultation at 626-232-0970.



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