Long Beach Juvenile Court is located at 415 Ocean Blvd,
in Long Beach, California.
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Long Beach Juvenile Court is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
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Persons entering Long Beach Juvenile Court must enter thru
a screening weapons area.
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All items must go thru the weapon screening area at the
Long Beach Juvenile Court.
Copyright 2004 - 2010.



There are two juvenile court rooms at the Long Beach Superior Court.

The Long Beach Court Judges are as follows:

Long Beach Juvenile Court Judge John C. Lawson Div 245. Lawson, of Los Angeles, was appointed by the Governor in September 2009. He has served as commissioner for the Los Angeles County Superior Court since 2007. Previously, he served as a deputy public defender for the Los Angeles County’s Public Defender’s Office from 1988 to 2007. Lawson earned a Juris Doctorate degree from Howard University School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Oberlin College. Lawson is a Democrat and is 48 years of age in 2009.

Long Beach Juvenile Court Judge Gibson Lee Div 246. Judge Lee graduated from Loyola Univesity School of Law in 1976 as was in private practice form 1976 - 1985. He was appointed to the Los Angeles Superior Court by Governor George Deukmejian in 1985. In 2009 he will be 57 years old.


Free Consultation for Long Beach Juvenile Court matters

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If your child is facing criminal charges at the Long Beach Juvenile Court, it is very important to get a juvenile lawyer whose primary practice is juvenile defense. Most Long Beach Criminal Defense Lawyers spend the majority of their time defending adult cases. As a result, they lack the knowledge and experience to provide effective juvenile defense. The rules and procedures are different in juvenile court than in adult court. There is no right to bail and no right to jury trial in juvenile court.

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